Our Vision


American Church in Berlin

The model community of Christian love--

that embraces diversity,

that serves and inspires the people of Berlin.



American Church in Berlin

  • We welcome all people.
  • We serve the neighbors of Berlin.
  • We grow together in Christ.
  • We celebrate God’s amazing love.

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Alpha Course

Alpha Course Offering
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We will be offering the Alpha Course as the Adult Forum in between the worship services from ca. 12:15 – 13:15 and following the Praise Worship ca. 15:30 – 17:00.

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Christ's Hands

Christ's Hands

"Christ has no body on earth but yours,

no hands but yours, no feet but yours;
yours are the eyes through which the compassion of Christ looks out on a hurting world,
yours are the feet with which he goes about doing good;

yours are the hands with which he is to bless now."

Teresa of Avila.

Western Entrance of ACB


Join Us-Sundays

11 AM & 1:30 PM

Luhter Kirche

We are an ecumenical, international church. Our members come from more than 17 Christian denominations and 30 different nations. With all the diversity of our backgrounds, we are united by our Christian faith, the English language and the spirit of generosity that appreciates and rejoices in our differences as well as in all we have in common as Christian sisters and brothers.

Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM

Sunday Praise Worship: 1:30 PM

Sunday School (Sundays) 11:00 AM during worship

Confirmation: (Sundays) 12:15 to 1:15 PM

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World CafeWorld Café

Wednesdays, Beginning August 31

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