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To sweeten the waiting time in the joyful anticipation of the Advent and

Christmas season the Gospel choir, Marvelous Praise, under the direction of

Foster Ebai Agbor, invites all to an Advent concert at their Salvador

Church again this year. Special guests will be the ACB Praise Band, from the

American Church in Berlin, who are celebrating their 5th year anniversary at

the Luther Kirche at Dennewitzplatz.

Both groups have enjoyed making music together in the past and are connected

historically through the ACB Praise Band leader, Eva Diestel, who was also the

founder of Marvelous Praise 19 years ago.

An afternoon filled with Gospel and Christmas classics to sing along with awaits you.


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Santa Claus is coming – Gospel and Christmas classics for everyone

Saturday, December 7th, 2019, 16:00

Salvatorkirche, Tölzer Str. 25, 14199 Berlin

"America's a cappella pride and joy"
Special Guests: "The German Gents"
1 September 2019 at 6 p.m.
American Church in Berlin, Dennewitzplatz 1

World renowned, in our town! In our church! Their only concert in Berlin on this tour. On their last tour they performed in the sold-out Konzerthaus am Gendarmenmarkt. Come and enjoy the wonderful sound of clear, crisp vocals in a repertoire ranging from medieval to Renaissance to jazz. Tickets available at the door, or in advance from the church office. (Suggested donation: minimum €20).

Lives In motion; a personal TCK journey with Ruth Van Reken

Ruth E. van Reken is a second generation Adult-TCK and mother of 3 ATCKs. She is co-founder of Families in Global Transition and co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds and the Bible Study: Lives in Motion. Ruth travels nationally and internationally working with globally mobile families, international school staff and has developed as well as taught Bible studies for more than thirty years.

Ruth writes:
“Having been raised for thirteen years in Nigeria as daughter of Christian missionaries, my life has been a rich one, filled with great diversity. It’s very richness, however, kept me from understanding the significance of the losses a cross-cultural lifestyle filled with high mobility also includes. The loss of a home, country and land left me with unrecognized, and thus unresolved, grief. At the age of thirty-nine, I began journaling, trying to understand the full impact of my childhood. Eventually this journaling became Letters I Never Wrote, later re-published as Letters Never Sent. Through that, I not only looked at my story, but I’ve met and interacted with countless TCKs and adult TCKs (ATCKs) of all backgrounds and nationalities as well.”

Ruth will be addressing how her faith journey and learning to actively process her repeated losses led her into God's Grace, healing and growth to become one of the foremost experts on global transitioning internationally. Ruth's work has sparked the movement for the Safe Passage transitions programs at most of our international schools today. She has also written and led numerous Bible Studies and women's retreats over 30 years internationally including Life in Motion, Who is Jesus? ..a study on the I' Am's of Christ, Who is the Holy Spirit?, Images of Redemption,and When Faith is All you Have..

Please pass on this invitation and attached flier to your church members, fellow TCKs/CCKs, families just arriving or returning to Berlin. It is my hope that this talk with Ruth can be an inspiration to you and your transitions program at your churches as well as support families during this arrival phase at the beginning of the new school year, whether they just arrived, or are experienced members of an internationally minded, globally mobile community.

A RSVP would be helpful, so I can give Ruth an idea of who will be coming..

Donations welcome.





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