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Several times a year, ACB celebrates fellowship with special potlucks.

What makes our potlucks so unique is the make up of our congregation.

Because there are so many nations represented in the church, there are recipes from around the world. 

Everyone brings a dish to share be it cookies, lasagna, Korean noodles, Waldorf salad, goulash from Ghana or fried vegetable from Brazil.
The menu is always a real treat to behold. 

It is a time when everyone can kick back and relax together
and enjoy each other's company. 

It is also a time when a person might talk to another person and get to know them better.  

It is always a treat for the whole congregation and one who participates in it heartily.

Sunday Fellowship

All are welcome to stay following our Sunday worship to enjoy a beverage and refreshments. We can only offer this, however, when

  1. we have coffee, tea, or other beverages to serve, and
  2. when someone signs up to host

Please consider helping with supplying coffee, tea or other beverages. Just bring it to church with you or make a donation to that purpose. The host for that Sunday will gladly accept your donation.

Thank you for your generosity as we live lives of service to our neighbor.

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