Relates to the umbrella group CELEBRATE


This committee


  • oversees the Learning Café program
  • organizes events that highlight ACB and bring in potential new members
  • create an external marketing plan
  • make certain Google Map is accurate for the location of the church
  • make certain ACB is on Trip Advisor
  • oversees the organization of the annual Thanksgiving dinner (food preparation, transforming the dining and concert  areas, and assist in returning the space into a worship space)
  • organizes a one-day Street Fair event for the local community
  • provides a representative from ACB to serve on the International Konvent
  • advertises and participates in Konvent events
  • connects with the Schöneberg District to participate in district discussions and events
  • keeps the outside announcement board current organizers and advertises regular events for fellowship (i.e. Men’s Night Out, Ladies’ Night Out)
    • posts the monthly calendar for ACB (DIN A-3)
    • decorates the outside announcement board when appropriate
  • organizes meals for families experiencing death, shut-ins, etc.
  • gets in contact with U.S. churches for OCEP possibilities and discovers areas in Berlin that could use volunteers during the summer months
  • makes certain ACB is advertised sufficiently in print and non-print sources
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