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The Mutual Ministry Committee is meant to minister mutually:

  • to the Pastor and his/her staff as a way to assure good ministry within the congregation.
  • with the Pastor and his/her to assure good ministry amongst members.
  • support the health of the ministry of the ACB congregation

The purpose of the Mutual Ministry Committee is to affirm and strengthen the mission efforts of the congregation and the ministry which is performed by the Pastor and staff. The committee listens to both Pastor/staff and congregational members so that there can be a clarifying of expectations, open communication, and a review of staff performance. The committee also serves to stimulate support of staff through prayer and caring by congregational members.

  • This committee will be prepared to be the first and safest place for members to express concerns and issues regarding the pastor or staff, and the first and safest place to listen to the Pastor or the staff express concerns about the congregation. Openness is important, confidentiality critical.
  • This committee will from time to time be prepared to serve as a liaison between Pastor, staff and congregation.
  • The Mutual Ministry Committee will be prepared to be a ‘sounding board’ for both Pastor/staff and congregation and therefore be ready to play an intercessory role.
  • Its most powerful role is in affirming what is going well.


What are the functions or benefits of a Mutual Ministry Committee?

These may include the following:

  • Helps develop open communication about expectations, attitudes and concerns within the congregation, the community and the staff.
  • Identifies early warning signs of misunderstandings and takes action to diffuse certain problem situations before they get out of hand.
  • Becomes the "listening post" for the Pastor, other staff and members of the congregation.
  • Serves as a group with whom the Pastor and other staff members can test new ideas and share confidential matters.
  • Can plan continuing education to benefit both the mission of the congregation and the ministry of the staff
  • Can help develop strategies to improve skills of staff members or help develop plans within the congregation to solve problem situations.
  • Can serve as a “sounding board” in time of personal, professional stress;


Other benefits will also develop as the committee helps build a sense of partnership between staff and congregation in the carrying out of ministry for the church as an expression of our Christian faith.

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