Relates to the GROW umbrella group 


This committee


  • Conducts year-round stewardship education of time, talents and resources  
  • lifts  up  stewardship  and  contagious  generosity  concepts  and  practices  throughout  the year
  • conducts an annual Stewardship – Contagious Generosity response program 
  • Coordinates monthly 2-3 minute “Thanksgiving Moments” by members at the third Sunday of the month worship service 
  • Considers ways to create a culture of generous giving among members 
  • Provides opportunities for the congregation to offer their time and talents 
  • Organizes monthly Stewardship/Generous-giving articles for ACB newsletter 
  • Provides and encourages pledge card giving
  • Organizes an annual leadership appreciation event 
  • Organizes an annual staff appreciation event 
  • Invites the congregation to make a year-end gift 
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