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Confirmation is offered as a three year program beginning when the student reaches the seventh grade of school.

 Once begun is halfway done!

Students in grades 7, 8, & 9 are members of the Confirmation instruction which is held Sunday mornings from 12:15 - 1:15. The meeting place is the "Upper Room" in the tower. The 9th graders also meet with Pastor one Saturday a month until they affirm their baptism on Pentecost Sunday. At least once per year, a retreat is held for the group. Students have many opportunities to get involved in mission projects: those initiated through the class and those planned and carried out by the students and their mentors. Mentors from within the congregation actively meet with the kids to support them, pray for & with them, and walk part of the faith journey together.Discipleship

Please contact the church office to register, set up an appointment with the pastor or instructor, or find out more information. Download the Calendar below for the year's schedule.

Download this file (CONFIRMATION PROGRAM MATERIAL.pdf)Confirmation FAQs[Confirmation FAQs]25 Kb
Download this file (SERVICE PROJECT IDEAS--Confirmation.pdf)Service Project Ideas[Service Project Ideas]33 Kb
Download this file (ACB Confirmation Calendar 2016-2017.pdf)2016-17 Confirmation Calendar[Confirmation Meeting Dates]83 Kb
Download this file (CONFIRMATION SCHEDULE 2017-2018.pdf)CONFIRMATION SCHEDULE 2017-2018[Confirmation Schedule]77 Kb



Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ.

Just as love of God begins with listening to his word, so the beginning of love for our brothers and sisters is learning to listen to them. (Life Together)
― Dietrich Bonhoeffer

We Are Becoming


Dieses Leben ist keine Frömmigkeit, sondern ein Fromm-Werden.

  • Keine Gesundheit, sondern ein Gesund-Werden.
  • Kein Wesen, sondern ein Werden.
  • Keine Ruhe, sondern ein Üben.

Wir sind es noch nicht; werden es aber.

Martin Luther, Auslegung zu Philippe 3,13

This life is not devoutness, but becoming devout;

  • not health, but becoming healthy;
  • not being but becoming and
  • not resting but doing.

We are not yet what we should be, but we are becoming what we should be.

Martin Luther, Meditation on Philippians 3:13

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